My art is primarily concerned with the notion of "human-ness," and what it means to be human in a non-human world. We are born into a universe of relentless wonder, a world which we are striving to understand. We tend to put ourselves at the centre of our own story, but looking beyond the first-person narrative we are surrounded by other animals, flora and fauna, microbes and minerals, even planets and weather events that all play a crucial but often intangible role in our story. Looking beyond that, each of these entities has a story of its own. My art is a rumination on these stories, and on how they interweave.

I enjoy the process of working with collage as it allows a narrative to be created in layers. Each layer brings its own perspective, but no singular element has the absolute focus of the piece. As someone who has worked in garment construction and millinery for many years I am naturally drawn to a more tactile process, so paper collage and textile assemblage are my favourite mediums as they allow me to create a narrative through material craft.